Suggest 4 ideas to organize a meaningful and complete first birthday party for your baby



Children are the greatest asset of every person. Therefore, giving attention and love to children and accompanying them on important milestones in life is always what every parent wants. Graduation party is the first important and meaningful milestone in a child’s life. Therefore, the most meaningful and complete ideas for organizing a baby 1st birthday party are always sought and prepared by parents. Here are some interesting ideas that parents can refer to!

Why first birthday party is very meaning?

Babysitting is a holiday to mark the baby’s 1st birthday. In other words, this is the party to mark the baby’s first birthday. A graduation party is special and different from other parties in life. In Vietnamese culture, the cradle must be carefully prepared, giving full meaning, praying for good, peace, and very sacred. In particular, parents often prepare a tray of toys for their children to choose from. This ritual is often meant to predict the child’s future and career.

1st birthday party and important meanings

Refer to the ideas of organizing a meaningful and complete 1st birthday party

With the above great meanings, every parent wants to organize the most complete and complete baby 1st birthday party for their children. Here are some meaningful and complete baby shower ideas to help you create a memorable party:

Idea 1: Organize an outdoor party

Ideas to organize an outdoor baby shower party

Organizing an outdoor party can bring many benefits such as an airy and spacious space, creating a comfortable feeling for guests. At the same time, the outdoor space also allows for party decoration with creative colors and lighting. Besides choosing a traditional table party, you can also try a variety of party forms such as Buffet, BBQ or Canapes party.

Idea 2: Organize a birthday party according to the colors of your baby’s zodiac sign

Organizing a birthday party according to the color of feng shui and your baby’s destiny can help you easily decorate the right party. You can learn about your baby’s destiny (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth) and choose the corresponding color. At the same time, you can also organize a party according to your baby’s birth year and animal, using the image of that animal to decorate and design the party.

Idea 3: Organize a party in a luxurious and classy style

First birthday party not only brings good meaning to children. In addition, this is also an opportunity for parents to have the opportunity to thank their relatives, friends, etc. for sending good wishes to their children. Therefore, a well-organized, luxurious and classy party is also a way for parents to express their sincerity to the guests who have paid special attention to their children. The ideas of organizing parties in the style of luxury, class, aristocracy… are also the choices that many parents are aiming for.

Idea 4: Organize a party with unique dishes

Party menu with delicious and unique dishes

A special and unique party menu is an important element in the party. Invest carefully to have delicious, attractive and suitable dishes for the purpose of the party. In particular, the menu must be prepared and presented in a delicate and professional manner. This will show hospitality and respect to the guest.

Vitaa Catering – Prestigious party organizer and booking unit

At Vitaa Catering, the all-inclusive party booking service will bring customers the best experience. We will bring you the most perfect baby shower party:

  • The menu combines a variety of dishes.
  • Choose the PERFECT party types suitable for the needs of parents and children such as: Finger Food, Cocktail & Canapes Party, Fine Dining, Table Service or Buffet party,…
  • High quality, stylish and healthy dishes.
  • Design and decorate the birthday party in accordance with the ideas of parents and children
  • Game activities, funny clowns, stirring up the atmosphere and interesting gifts for children
  • Professional team with many years of experience in organizing.


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