Suggest 3 styles of the cozy and intimate home wedding party



Holding a wedding party at home is still the first choice of many couples. With the right wedding styles, you can create a cozy, intimate, and memorable space. Here is a suggestion for you for 3 styles of home weddings for reference: Table Service party, Buffet party, and Canapes party.

Things to keep in mind when organizing a wedding party at home

A wedding day is very important and significant in everyone’s life. There are hundreds of things needed for the bride and groom to prepare for a perfect wedding day. To organize a successful home wedding party, there are a few things to keep in mind as follows:

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Notes when organizing a wedding party at home
  • Specify the number of guests: This helps you book a party with the right number of tables and food, avoiding waste or omission.
  • Choose the right type of wedding party: Depending on the style of the wedding, you can choose Table Service, Buffet, or Canapes party. For example, a Table Service party is suitable for the traditional style and a Buffet party offers comfort and a variety of choices.
  • Consider the party space: Make sure your home space is large enough to accommodate all the guests. Otherwise, you can split the guests to different times or calculate more areas to serve many guests at the same time.

Choose a reputable and quality home wedding service provider: Find a unit with experience in organizing weddings at home to ensure the best service.

Suggest 3 styles of cozy and intimate home wedding party

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Suggestions for the most popular home wedding style today

To organize a wedding party at home, in addition to the above notes when preparing to book a party, you need to pay attention to the appropriate wedding party styles. Here are a few suggestions for your at-home party styles that are both cozy and close to many couples. Include:

1: Table Service Party – The most popular wedding style today

A table Service party, also known as an all-inclusive party, is one of the most popular wedding party styles today. This is the optimal choice for couples who want to hold a cozy and formal party right at their home.

A Table Service party at home will bring a great dining experience to the guests. Through the professional service of the wait staff, the dishes will be hand delivered to each table in order, starting from appetizer to main course and dessert. This creates a direct interaction between staff and customers, bringing a luxurious and special feeling to the party.

The table Service style is suitable for both traditional weddings and parties that require sophistication and class. With a banquet table designed with a hearty and high-class menu, the dishes are served with sophistication and quality. Guests will enjoy delicious and unique dishes in the cozy and intimate space of the house.

2: Buffet – Diverse and comfortable choice

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The buffet is suitable for many wedding events

The buffet is a great wedding style for those who love flexibility and variety in food choices. In particular, the buffet is suitable for home weddings, especially when held outdoors or in the garden space.

With buffet style, the dishes will be arranged on trays placed on the table. Guests are free to choose the dishes they like and enjoy according to their own preferences. This creates comfort and freedom in dining, allowing guests to enjoy the foods they love and adapt to personal tastes.

A buffet at home also brings a fun and elegant space. Guests can move freely in the party space, interact with each other and choose dishes according to their own preferences. It is also an opportunity for people to meet, chat and create memorable memories.

For the organization of a buffet at home, the order trays and display space can be designed in a separate style. Decorative lights, fresh flowers, and other decorative details can create a warm and inviting space. At the same time, the arrangement of areas for customers to take food and sitting areas should also be considered to ensure ventilation and convenience.

3: Canapes Party

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Wedding style at home

Canapes party is a famous type of finger food. Often used in home weddings to welcome guests in the beginning. The Canapes party is usually served with a wine and cocktail party before the main party takes place. The Canapes party offers an enjoyable experience as guests can enjoy snacks while waiting, take pictures with the bride and groom or participate in meaningful wedding activities such as signing and giving gifts. In addition, can also chat with family, friends, bride, and groom and enjoy the Canapes party, showing the position, role, and aesthetics of this party.

The type of Canapes party is suitable for weddings held for a long time and usually takes place in a luxurious and polite European-style space. This is a great choice to create a cozy, elegant, and intimate space for guests to join. With a delicate combination of delicious taste and a relaxed social experience, Canapes party offers an ideal space for guests to enjoy special moments on their big day.

Hopefully, with the 3 styles of home weddings suggested above, couples can choose for themselves the type of party that suits their needs and desires. Contact Vitaa for the best party booking advice and support:


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