About Us

Vitaa – Specializes in providing catering services at customers’ locations in Vietnam.

Vitaa was established in 2019 with a team of more than 50 dynamic young employees, full of passion for Catering and F&B fields.

To become a professional Caterer, Vitaa always wants to provide customers with many service solutions and always upholds quality food – ensuring health and safety.

Vitaa Catering always tries to bring customers the best value. Especially, we want to create human values, help relationships be connected closer by delicious meals.

Our Value

Vitaa is always dedicated to bringing its customers the best value from the service we have provided.

We always carry with us the Enthusiasm for the work, an Optimistic spirit to wholeheartedly serve, bring Joy along with high-quality dishes, in order to create credibility through cooperation. with its customers.




Good Quality

Our Mission

Vitaa Catering offers all guests a wonderful experience while enjoying their meals. In addition to enjoying delicious food, we want to give our valued guests a comfortable space and the best service experience.

In addition, Vitaa also focuses on human values, so we always strive to help businesses build the best culture through delicious and quality meals.

Therefore, Vitaa always carries with it the mission of “MUST BE BETTER THAN YESTERDAY”, to be able to create a business with world-class service quality.





Customers & Partners


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Why Should Choose Vitaa Catering?


Vitaa with many years of experience in the field of Catering and F&B, should always ensure the quality of service as well as ensure food hygiene and safety. We always work with our customers and partners based on integrity. Therefore, customers always put their trust in Vitaa.


Vitaa is dedicated to maintaining strong partnerships. Customers who have always been with Vitaa for a long time show that this is the best food service. Known for the Great People, Great Service and Amazing Results Vitaa has delivered to its clients.


Vitaa always sets for itself a high ethical standard in terms of commitment that is to always do right with the goals that we have set or agreed with our customers. We always want to keep a long-term relationship with each customer and partner.


Vitaa has been serving leading corporate brands in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, serving more than 1,000,000 meals so far.


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