Refer to 4 ideas to organize an attractive corporate party and make a difference



Company party is one of the activities that help employees become closer and closer while working together. So how to organize a successful party? Let’s explore with Vitaa Catering the 4 most popular corporate party ideas today!

Company parties are usually organized as follows

Usually, a business will have annual parties and some special parties need to be organized. Depending on the size and number of activities, the party organization is different.

Company party has many important meanings
  • New Year’s Party, New Year’s Party: It is a party to summarize year-end activities and welcome the annual New Year of each business.
  • Conferences and seminars: Organizing a party combined with professional activities to exchange information and improve knowledge for the team.
  • Party to celebrate special company events
  • Employee reception: Organize a party to honor and show gratitude to employees.
  • Company anniversary party.

Organizing corporate parties brings many important meanings, including

  • Strengthen corporate culture: The party is an opportunity to express and strengthen the values and principles of the company.
  • Create unity: The party helps to connect and create better relationships between employees, thereby improving work performance.
  • Restoring work spirit: The party helps employees relax, reduce stress, thereby creating new motivation for work.

Check out the attractive corporate party ideas

There are many ideas for organizing a corporate party. You can organize according to traditional types of parties or have new and unique organizing ideas, suitable for each goal and desire of the company’s leadership about that party. Here are 4 attractive and unique corporate party ideas that you can refer to:

Idea 1: Organize an outdoor party

The most interesting corporate party ideas

Organize an outdoor corporate party to create a comfortable and natural space. Employees will have the opportunity to wear beautiful costumes and become valuable guests. When combined with the right decoration, lighting and attractive space, the party will become a perfect experience, creating the absolute connection between space and people.

Idea 2: Organize a pool party

To create a strong connection between members of the company, you can organize a company party at the pool. With lively atmosphere, cool water and delicious food, the party will create connection and cohesion of the staff.

Idea 3: Organize a party with an internal contest and gameshow

An interesting and meaningful activity that you can refer to is organizing an internal contest and gameshow during the party. Calling for the participation of members and departments in the company will help create connections and cohesion between people. At the same time, the party will also become special and score points in the hearts of the attendees.

Attractive and delicious corporate party menu

Some types of parties are suitable for corporate parties

Regardless of the organization idea, a diverse and delicious menu is an indispensable element in every party. A professional chef will prepare a hearty table with beautiful and aesthetic dishes, creating sincerity and gratitude for the staff as well as the guests.

For different occasions, you can choose between the following types of parties to suit your corporate party:

Tham khảo những ý tưởng tổ chức tiệc công ty vô cùng hấp dẫn và thú vị trong nội dung dưới đây được Vitaa chia sẻ bạn nhé.
What type of party is suitable for a corporate party?
  • Buffet Party: A diverse and rich buffet will allow guests to freely choose dishes according to their preferences. This is a versatile and popular option, as guests can enjoy a variety of dishes and create exchange and conversation among company members.
  • Table Service Party: For a polite and luxurious corporate party, table service party is a popular choice. Guests will be served enthusiastically and professionally from the service staff, each dish will be brought to each table one by one. This creates a cozy and formal space and creates a focal point for the party.
  • Canapes Party: Canapes parties are a great choice for a light and intimate corporate party. Instead of main dishes, the canapes party focuses on small, attractive and easy-to-eat dishes such as finger food and cakes. This creates an intimate space and encourages conversation and interaction between guests.
  • Tea Break Party: If you organize a conference, seminar or product launch event, Tea Break party is the right choice. With a menu of teas, coffees, cakes and some other snacks, the Tea Break party will bring refreshment and energy to the guests.

With the right corporate party ideas and types, you can organize a memorable and unique party. To experience the best and quality corporate party service, you can contact Vitaa – Prestigious mobile party service in Ho Chi Minh


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