Engrave the big day with 4 romantic and liberal ideas with an outdoor wedding party



A wedding day is a special and important day in everyone’s life. Make everyone want to have a perfect wedding party, taking place in the most beautiful space and full of love. The special nature of this type of party has created a popular trend in recent years. Here are romantic and liberal ideas for outdoor weddings.

What are some requirements, standards to get an outdoor wedding party?

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What are the standards for organizing an outdoor wedding party?

To organize a successful outdoor wedding party, you need to keep a few basic requirements in mind. This will help you prepare in the best possible way and make sure your wedding day becomes a perfect memory. The necessary requirements for organizing an outdoor wedding party include:

First: Choose the wedding menu

Outdoor wedding menu is the most important factor that you need to pay attention to. Menu is thoughtful, complete, delicious, beautiful… is also a way for you and your family to show respect and show hospitality. Some types of parties suitable for outdoor weddings can be chosen such as: Buffet party, Canapes party, Fine Dining party, Table Service party

Second: About the outdoor wedding space

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Romantic outdoor wedding space

Usually, choosing this form of party organization, customers want to have a romantic, gentle space, with a connection with nature. Creating an open space that is connected and extremely liberal and free. Therefore, the decoration for the party also needs to be done according to the theme, color, or main material… all will create the most perfect and harmonious space.

Tuesday: Request for costumes

Let your wedding day be a day of harmony among the attendees. Guests can be asked to wear the correct color of the dress. This will help the overall party become beautiful, harmonious and connected with each other.

Check out romantic, liberal ideas with an outdoor wedding party

Idea 1: Organize a simple and sophisticated outdoor wedding party

Simple does not mean monotonous. Simply, you can eliminate cumbersome rituals, or choose to decorate the wedding space with close decorative materials. With soft and minimalist colors. This will create an extremely restrained and harmonious space for your wedding ceremony.

Idea 2: Decorate the outdoor wedding party with fresh flowers associated with your love

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Ideas for a romantic party

To create a romantic and unique atmosphere for your outdoor wedding, put the fresh flowers you gave your wife on the first day of love as the center of the decoration. This flower not only represents the love of two people but also carries sweet memories and special meanings.

You can create a romantic photo area with a field of bright fresh flowers, or design a party table with flowers covered on the surface. You can also hang wreaths from plants, create accents on the podium, or create a beautiful flower gate to welcome guests.

Fresh flowers can also be arranged into vases, pots or glass vases placed on the table and other decorative points. Choose flowers that match the color and overall style of your wedding. For example, red roses represent passionate love, baby’s breath flowers create a feeling of lightness and sophistication, and lavender flowers bring a romantic and relaxing atmosphere.

Idea 3: Organize a romantic outdoor wedding with Cocktail party

If you want to have a gentle, polite and closer wedding party among the guests, then choosing a cocktail party before the party is a great idea.

Cocktail Party will create opportunities for guests to move freely in the party space, interact with each other and enjoy colorful and impressive cocktails. You can prepare a varied menu with small items like Canapes, Finger Food and other snacks that your guests can easily enjoy during the party.

Choose cocktails that suit you and your wife’s style and taste. Be it traditional cocktails like the Mojito, Cosmopolitan or Martini, or you can also create special cocktails with your own names on them.

Decorate the cocktail party space in a romantic style with soft light, lanterns and green plants. Make sure that the cocktail party space blends with the overall space of the wedding party and creates a cozy and close feeling for the guests.

Idea 4: Romantic outdoor wedding party at the beach

Create the most romantic and impressive space for your wedding party by holding it at the beach. With blue sea, white sand and beautiful scenery, the beach wedding will give you and your guests an unforgettable experience.

Choose a beach that is beautiful and suitable for your number of guests. Design a simple and elegant podium, be it wooden or decorated with chiffon, to act as the venue for the wedding ceremony. Decorate the podium with garlands, candles and marine details like seashells, scuba urns or fish nets to create a feeling of the ocean.

Take the weather into consideration and provide guests with essentials such as umbrellas, chairs, and sun hats. Create an airy and large space for guests to enjoy the sea and fresh air.

Alternatively, choose a culinary menu suitable for beach weddings such as fresh seafood, barbecue or light and refreshing dishes. You can also offer cool drinks such as smoothies, juices or cocktails that contain fresh fruit.

Vitaa Catering – Make your outdoor wedding more complete

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Vitaa – Together with you to create the perfect wedding party

Vitaa Catering is a professional and reputable mobile party organizer in Ho Chi Minh City. With the mission of becoming a professional Catering service provider, we always ensure to bring our customers the best solutions and the highest quality.

We will advise you on the type of party that suits your idea and desire to organize an outdoor wedding party. Our team of chefs and catering staff will provide a rich, varied and complete wedding menu. We are committed to ensuring the best quality ingredients and food for your wedding party.

In particular, our wedding menu will be presented in an eye-catching and attractive way to bring guests the most enjoyable and complete culinary experience. We believe that an outdoor wedding party is not only an occasion to celebrate love but also a wonderful and memorable experience for both you and your guests.

Contact Vitaa right away so we can work with you to create a complete, impressive, and memorable wedding party right now!


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